Microsoft Tools: 2013


2013 Word: Basics

Learn how to create text-based documents using Microsoft Word

2013 Word: Formatting Documents

Learn to format and align text, apply bullets/numbers, and adjust spacing

2013 Word: Editing Tools

Learn how to use features like cut and paste, spell check, and more

2013 Word: Tables, Images & Graphics

Learn about tables, borders, backgrounds, and WordArt


2013 Excel: Basics

Learn about using Microsoft Excel to work with numbers and other data

2013 Excel: Charts & Graphs

Learn how to display numbers and data sets in chart or graph format

2013 Excel: Formulas & Functions

Learn how to use formulas to calculate totals, percentages, and more

2013 Excel: Working with Tables

Learn to create tables and pivot tables, sort and filter data, and more

2013 Excel: Advanced Topics

Learn more advanced tips and tools in Microsoft Excel


2013 PowerPoint: Basics

Learn how to use PowerPoint's basic features to create a presentation

2013 PowerPoint: Special Effects

Learn how to add shapes, logos or pictures, animate objects, and more


2013 Publisher: Basics

Learn to use Publisher to create flyers, greeting cards, calendars, etc.

2013 Publisher: Enhancing Your Docs

Learn how to create your own Publisher templates